This is what our partners and customers say about us:

Dan O'Connor, Project Engineer
Tom Grimes is an excellent resource for anyone involved with manufacturing sector in this area of the country. I believe he has an unmatched level of experience with machine suppliers and mold-makers. This experience allows him to provide his customers with multiple options, as well as an unbiased opinion about who would be the best choice and why. Tom is generally the first person I call when I need a machine for a process that I am unfamiliar with. I have used him countless times; and will continue to use him, for quoting, machine building, or just advice.
Dave Miles, Senior Automation Tech
As I list elements making last years new model start-up a success, your involvement tops the list for automation ideas, supplier selection, and project management. I would like to thank you for your sincere effort in making this new model start up the most successful ever for our company. If you should ever need a reference, I can honestly proclaim your knowledge and creativity was essential in the formation of nine very complex assembly machines and processes.
Angelo O. Chiarucci, Area Sales Manager
Tom Grimes has been a sales representative for Liquid Control Corporation for the last 16 years. In 1993 I joined the LCC team as a technician and worked with Tom in the field. As time went on Tom and I formed a great working relationship. Watching Tom in front of customers impressed me so that I went into sales for LCC.

Tom’s passion and commitment to both customers and principals is second to none. Over the past 6 years Tom has help grow our territory 15% to 20% with representation in southern Ohio and Kentucky.

Building a working relationship with Tom was secondary to the relationship my family built with his family. I consider myself very fortunate to have a friend such as Tom, and the opportunity to work with Tom is the cherry on top of the sundae!

I look forward to continued success with Tom representing my new company and believe that any principle that would bring Tom Grimes on board will also share in great success.

Ted Weigert, Product Engineer
Thank you for offering to help during our foam robot crisis. As you know, we are up and running, just in time, and moving ahead of schedule again. We will have EDF in next week to correct/educate ourselves on our own equipment.

We learned lots about service and the importance of dependable equipment. For what it is worth, your immediate visit with LCC and offer to help with our equipment, and possibly expedite lab time for us was noted and appreciated by many within our organization.

Carl Trinkle, President
Tom Grimes has represented NKE for more than seven years. He has been our only machine building rep. During that time, he has helped us to grow our machine building business significantly.

He has promoted our company very well. He has worked hard to maintain and build relationships with our current customers. At the same time, he is continuously introducing us to new potential customers – planting seeds for future orders.

I have personally, worked very closely with Tom. He is a man that I can trust. I have found him to be flexible and easy to deal with. He is self-motivated and hardworking. He is the the kind of man I would want representing my company.

Greg Schanding, Machine Integrator
It is rare to find a manufacturing rep/salesman that can communicate the special equipment needs of the customer with our personnel so that there is a clear understanding of the customer’s expectations and objectives which means so much to a projects success and a customer’s satisfaction.

Tom’s experience and dedication is a benefit to both new customers and old and I look forward to continued success working with Tom.

Eric Halbleib, Manufacturing Engineer
I have worked with Tom for over 6 years now. Tom is the only sales rep that I know who has a complete engineering understanding of the products he sells. This is of great value to me when working with Tom to spec out new equipment and consulting with Tom to improve manufacturing processes. Tom also has an impressive knowledge of how to maintain the products and equipment he sells in the field. Tom’s record of offering hands on support of the equipment which he has sold me in production is far beyond what I expect from other reps. Tom is a valuable asset.
Ric Bishop, Engineer
At the request of Tom, I am writing to validate his good character from a personal point-of-view. I have known Tom for the past seven years in the business arena and away from work. We have developed a personal friendship that allows me to be a positive reference for him.

We have a unique business / personal relationship that began with Tom as a salesman and me as an engineer purchasing equipment. Because of his good character and attention to personal needs, we were able to develop a personal relationship. I allowed this unique salesman to know my family and me as he shared his family experiences with me.

Tom has always been truthful and forthcoming when I needed him. Whether the issue was purchasing new equipment or me searching for a new job, I was able to rely on Tom’s advice. He has a lot of integrity compared to others in his profession.

Several times throughout the years, Tom has offered to sacrifice time or money to help me. With four children and a brother who is a police officer, crises can pop up and any moment. I feel safe in sharing these issues with Tom and he has always been supportive. I believe it is rare to find trustworthy people like Tom in the current world; even in my church.

Your business is truly in Tom’s best interest. His way of building friendships and not just selling a product is something to be valued.